Friday, March 1, 2013

Skylanders Giants Customized Party

Creating A Skylanders Giant Birthday Party

I asked my six year old son what kind of cake he would like for his birthday. He said, "I want a chocolate cake with strawberries inside and cherries on the side and Skylanders Giants on top." I knew I had a tall order to fill. I could not find Skylanders party favors at the party stores. I began searching the web on how to make his party "Skylanders".
Being a full time mom and having a full time job, I wasn't willing to make the homemade extravagant cake like I use to when I stayed home with the kids. I had to start looking for something that would be just as amazing.
 Here are a few ideas that I found and made work.
I found many people on EBay who customized edible cake icing sheets and mail them to you. I was excited to find someone who made Skylanders. I went on a whim and hoped this would work out. After all, I had only about 10 days to plan this party and hoped everything was ordered on time and delivered correct.  For $15, I did it, I ordered the cake topper. I then went down to my local grocery store and ordered a chocolate sheet cake with fresh strawberry filling. I asked if they would be willing to apply the print for me. They were happy to. Hey, all criteria met except the cherries. He was happy and didn't even miss them. Picture does not do it justice. Much better in real life!
I looked around more and more on the internet and found customized Skylanders Birthday Invitations and Thank You notes. I found one where they e-mail you a PDF and you could print out as many invitations as you like. I started to think party favors. What kind of party favors can I do? I'm not a huge fan of loading kids up with candy. What will I put it in the Party favor bag?  My husband suggested buying little puzzles and dollar store gifts. Ok. I remembered the PDF and realized I could print these out on to sticker paper and slap them on the bags. Well, I went all out and found black happy meal looking boxes on EBay and decided to get them instead of bags. I couldn't resist. They were so cute.  I bought a gold paint pen at the local craft store and wrote everyone's name on one.
Inside I filled it with blow up guitars I found for $.50/ea on Ebay- which by the end of the party became swords. Skylanders Stickers, Skylanders Tattoo's, Personalizes Skylanders Hershey Chocolates (100 stickers for the chocolates for less than $3.00) - one piece of candy is okay :), little dollars store mind puzzle teaser things and sticky lizards.
My mom has a friend that makes Marshmallow Favors. We used her services and were thrilled to add these to our party.
The party facility provided the plates and cups so that was one less thing to worry about.
If I had more time would have printed out a happy birthday banner for him as well.
THANK YOU CARDS. I sent the group party picture of the kids to the local drugstore photo lab online and picked up the cards in less than hour. 
Overall the party theme decorations and favors were very inexpensive. The facility was where the budget went. This kids had fun. The adults had more fun being kids again bouncing around.
I was really proud to pull off a Skylanders Theme Birthday party in less than 10 days.
These ideas can work for any party theme. I'm now planning on my daughters party. Maybe a Hello Kitty Party. She will be four years old and wants everyone to wear a hat. So maybe a tea party.
Happy Birthday 7th birthday Gavin! My little big Skylander! We had a blast.